List of Kisses

Goodnight kisses from Mum and Dad.
Enthusiastic kisses from my siblings designed
to suck out my brain.
Coming kisses, going kisses.
Kisses of dogs.
The first adolescent kiss
with that boy at the back of the theatre
among the kilts and the peasant shirts,
the smell of stage make-up,
the heave of the belly.
Supermarket kisses, full moon kisses, headland kisses.
Kisses on the fluffed head of my infant daughter,
the smell of her.
Her learning-to-kiss pressure kisses.
The last kiss from Dad when he was so sick
that he couldn’t close his mouth.
The last kiss from Mum, Happy Christmas, she said.
It was August.
Hello kisses, goodbye kisses.
The kiss of the sun.
Kisses with my Love each night before we roll over:
          Good night sleep well. You too my Love.

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