Tadpoling at Taemas
Tadpoling at Taemas

My mother is taking over my face.
It began with my body
my attitude, my stance.

Photographs betray her:
head thrown back in laughter,
or standing by a tree
watching her youngest
scoop tadpoles from a puddle.
I know it isn’t me
because I’m in the puddle.

‘Got a bit of Mum in you’
said my brother last time.
I really can’t ignore it now
with one eye on the mirror
and the other on the clock.

4 thoughts on “HAVING A BIT OF MUM IN ME

      1. hmm…being in the mid range is fascinating. Particularly aware of the ages before and behind me, as in my history and future, and in the physical people about. Time is slippery and the mirror not slippery enough. Time for new bathroom lighting? New Year blissings to you, Ervin and familles xx

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