The Cold Made Us Dream

In the winter, the cold made us dream.
Far from light and sundew melons,
far from sunflowers and the nests of birds—
we dreamed of meat—warm and quivering,
too fresh for the knife. We dreamed
of points of light completely covering
the night sky. Stars we called them.
We were sure frost came from them—
that frost is sparks of light that fall to earth
all through the long night—freezing.

Also we dreamed that if we held each other
a little skin of warmth would build between us
and glue us permanently together. Therefore
we made love often and called it marriage.
Later we learned how to dream birds and their nests,
all manner of vegetables and fruit, and eventually
we dreamed the whole world of flowers
all streaming with nectar and oozing colour into
bright sunlit mornings. That is how we created
mornings. That is how we made spring.


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