some of my published haiku and senryu

thrush’s flute song
I lift my head
from Basho’s journey

Notes from the Gean Vol 2, issue #4, 2010


monsoon floodwaters
everything rushes down stream
except the snake

atop the chair
an inchworm waves
clear sky

in the windrows
whitening grass

World Haiku Review January 2011


sunlit street
a bent old man
prunes roses

like armour
on sleeping breasts
the book

all the islands
have goosebumps
hot bath

fanning myself
with the menopause brochure
hot flush

cold fingers
deleting Mum’s number
from my phone

lotus pond
a motionless heron
stabs its reflection

twilight stillness
the hay lying down
in its cut grass smell

aiming for unity
choosing between
zen books

in his sleep
guarding us
the puppy

old dog
feigning surprise
at her own fart

first fat rain drops
wiping his face
the frog

counting the ducks
the little boy
gets it right

aha moment
the child realising
please works

dreamy sunshine
a baby magpie plays
pick-up sticks

Journeys haiku bindii


mountain road
the rainbow curls
under us

World Haiku Review, March 2013—neo-classical

the dent
of a small hand
on her breast

against the cow’s belly
the scent of grass

World Haiku Review, March 2013—shintai

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