after sweets a little lolly dance on sandalled feet

Not sure what it is about children and babies, but they are completely consuming. My grandies (#1 and 3) were here for nearly a week. That’s it, I couldn’t do anything else. Or rather I find that being with littlies is a very creative business. I was completely fulfilled while my daughter was little. I had no need to go to the studio. I wrote the odd poem and did the odd drawing but didn’t really feel that creative emptiness until she was about ten.

So there is no blogging while they are around. Too much fun. I jot down the odd thing about them in my notebook. Zak for e.g. is calling himself, Mister Zak. Given he is at the single word stage: dog (all four leggeds), door, dat (that/almost anything): it’s pretty amazing. He also walked for the first time while he was here. The next day he’d forgotten he could till after bedtime. Naturally he had to stay up walking from one to the other of us until meltdown.

dead of night
the wail of a baby

Lizzy, oops, Lenka (about her name another time) is full of life. She quite likes strife I think. Or is curious about it. Picture books bore her lately, so they are reading Roald Dahl, James and the Giant Peach. They read The Twits last. Needless to say she had a lot to say about E’s beard! This girl is not yet five and bored with picture books? God help her teachers. And her.

first day of school
small brown shoes scatter

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