violent Valentine’s

a drop of blood
from the rose’s thorn
day after Valentine’s


that last one should read:

day after Valentine’s
a doodled heart becomes
a bird of prey

in response to:

Never been much for Valentine’s day myself, being Aussie, but here is my sole Valentine’s Day poem

Open Until Six

Outside the department store
the young couple
are juicing in their knickers.
She is sitting on a ledge with her
white-socked calves wrapped around him.
He is standing in her four-limbed embrace
and my guess is he can’t move aside
for the erection he’s sporting.
I try not to stare so I stare
at the grey-haired woman
below me on the escalators.
She is staring at the couple,
the pale face of the girl over his shoulder.
It is Valentine’s Day.
The loud speakers urge us
to express our love with gifts.
They are open until six.

8 thoughts on “violent Valentine’s

  1. Thank you for your ‘ku and the Valentine Poem.
    I was born the day AFTER Valentines and never much for the holiday
    …having disappointed my Mother and being a day late as she reminded
    me every year ! ☺ In the USA it is a school kids day of apprehension
    wondering if there will be any Valentines in the box at school !

    Am happy you are here writing with us.

    1. Mums!
      I think it is getting popular here too, but wasn’t part go our culture till recently. Along with Halloween, which seems to be happening a little, though no one really knows what it means.

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