garden haiku

between errant thoughts
the empty heads of wild oats
nodding, nodding, wind  calls for a ‘classic’ haiku, set in a garden or park, with the following rules:

1. 5-7-5 syllables
2. A moment as short as the sound of a pebble thrown into water
3. A kigo
4. A deeper, spiritual meaning
5. And last, but not least, it must have a nature image
If it wasn’t asking for 5-7-5 I’d have the last line simply read, ‘nodding’, because it says more even though it’s shorter. To me it would then suggest not just the wind, but that the meditator (between errant thoughts) is also nodding. Not the most successful meditation, if you’re of the stiff-back tradition. Not the most successful ‘classic’ haiku either, too much nodding for it to be a single moment.
Eh, who cares.
empty head
all out
of haiku


5 thoughts on “garden haiku

    1. thanks for inviting me Hamish. I’ve been having a look. I certainly will if anything worthwhile comes of my scribbling. I like these two mongolian quotes. probably I’ll start with the prompts and end up with something about something else. I like when prompts take me places. Thanks again, B

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