Night Bed (haibun)

His side, mine, his clock that he checks in the night, my bottle of water, his eiderdown, my assortment of sheets, throws, towels, and nighties for the night sweats and the cold in between.

Drifting, my head on his shoulder, the puffing breath of his early sleep. We wake to kiss and say goodnight and turn away from each other into the cocoon of our sleep and the otherworld of our dreams.

he is running
in his sleep

his sudden snore
I unbutton
my PJs

jolting awake —
the solitary call
of a mopoke

Ligo Haibun Challenge – Quote Week

and just for fun, another iPad image:

Belinda Broughton
Belinda Broughton

12 thoughts on “Night Bed (haibun)

    1. Thanks Brenda. They have a call that I love. once one got caught in our porch and we wrapped it in a towel while freeing it. Some fairly hefty talons! But oh, the feathers, and those amazing eyes, like deep space.

  1. You put so much into this haibun, in a ‘sparse’ style I like very much, meaning each word, turn of phrase, says so much; that ‘cold in-between’ says so much in such simplicity – I felt the despondency. This is good writing, and I like good writing very much. The haiku are fitting in their stark but precise simplicity. The second is mysterious and third has the ‘Basho’ feel too. This was a read that draws emotions. Thanks so much for participating in Ligo with us. Next week we have the visual prompts. After back to quotes, then word then visual prompt. If you have two sketches we’d very much like to use them for the visual prompts one week – if ok with you, credited and linked back to you

    1. thanks for your generous words Hamish. Yes, I’d be happy for you to use some of my scotches. I will start another gallery to give you more choice. I’ve been meaning to do that anyway. Cheers, B

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