9 thoughts on “enough (image)

  1. aloha Belinda. i find your paint application exciting. i also like the use of black and white (and gray) because i think it leads to (along with the application strokes) a sense of color. a pulsing sense for me. i am curious about the dimensions of the canvas. someday, i intend to return to canvas. altho probably small at least initially. which is about all i do on paper now. ha. i cant let go. i just like exploring this. fun. aloha.

    1. did i say fun yet? way fun. it excites me to paint. which i have been attempting to get back into a pattern of in the last few weeks. ha. i have to go to that area now. (. . . . okay, soon). sheesh.

      1. About 50 x 50 cm Rick, and a year old I think. Haven’t touched paint myself for a while now. I posted it because it reminds me of various experiences that I wrote about in the post Universe. https://belindabroughton.wordpress.com/2014/01/29/universe-haiku/
        glad you like the paint application. I do too. I love the quality of working in negative, defining the light areas instead of the dark ones.
        I have a love affair with paper also. It’s like skin. Canvas is too formal for me lately, and i’m not so keen on the surface.
        I love that you are enjoying your work/play so much. irrelevant of any commercial concerns, I think it’s imperative that art comes fem a place of exploration and curiosity. ei play.

        1. cool and thank you on the dimensions. it’s helpful to know (imo). with digital technology growing so fast even now it’s hard to explore both paint and digital paint full time. i like both a lot tho. which is why i’m trying to get back to at least some paint daily now.

          yes. it’s interesting how important paint sequence and application becomes in the process over time. i find it takes a while for me to build back up to where i like what i’m doing in paint. once i get there i often see in the initial works how to continue on in those too, so that i can bring them into alignment with what i’m doing when i reach a place i feel good about. (i hope that makes sense. i suspect it will to you as you are a painter—if not and you want clarification, ask).

          yes, again. i like paper a lot too. i have ideas for both tho. canvas and paper. it’s just getting to them with time. i suspect my ideas for canvas tho. . . . are not particularly formal. i understand what you mean (i think). but i suspect i’ll play on canvas now too.

          and yes again. i’d like to make money with my work, but when that becomes the purpose i do not like what i’m doing. when i realized that i began to enjoy what i was doing much more and i believe my work gained as a result. of course i am not a business person. letting go of the ideas of money, shows, galleries, museums took a while for me. but i like my work much better now. too much to go back. i think those things are good. as goals. for a time. but not for me right now. i just want to work/play.

          when my work is so good that a gallery asks to show something or a publisher asks to publish something, then i’ll have reach a place where i can just say yes (or no, depending). and i’ll be okay with that. but not something i have yet to do. something i have already done. as is. (yeah, i suspect i’ve become a bit firm on that—not that i cant become unfirm). unfirm being when i can do something the way i want to do it and that is the way it is.

          ha. now i’m on to a ramble. yikes.

          just paint. play. and be in fun. i like that. fun on. aloha.

        2. we seem to be travelling a similar path on these things Rick.
          I used to sell the better part of what I did, but it’s hardly a business proposition.
          As for canvas. paint is a delicious medium too. and canvas is an easier substrate than most for it

        3. yes. i think our path is near the same mountain forest. i suspect we’ve spotted that even if subconsciously.

          yes. i have sold and made the rounds in galleries. it takes a toll. if it works out now easily, cool. if not i’ll just keep spending less.

          when i have not worked with a material for a while (or a long time) i find i come to it with very different ideas. all that time i was experiencing. and that is what i have to bring to the material again. so with canvas, it will be fun to see (or maybe not) what happens. and that’s all i want to do. see what happens. maybe small. maybe eventually. . . . big. again.

          it also may never happen. i know that. it’s just fun to keep it on the list so that it might happen. that appeals to me. and when that appeal gets strong enough, one day i’ll do it.

          paint, play, create. on. aloha.

    1. Thanks, Nichole! I love what you wrote here, because that is just the quality i like about this piece. something sort of primeval about it. It is an image that feels like it came through me rather than from me and I love that

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