Fluttery Stuff (Tanka Prose)

One morning, Ervin woke me and said, ‘Look!’ So I sat up, fumbled for my glasses and, vague and glassy-eyed, I looked. Everything was white and I thought, ‘Why has he woken me for a heavy fog?’ Then I saw fluttery things — snowflakes! I was wide-awake, into my clothes and on my bottom at the bottom of the stairs before he could say, ‘Be careful; it’s slippery.’

before they hit
my sleeve
the snowflakes
I long to see

Many snapshots later, we came in for a cuppa, and the phone rang.
‘Mum,’ said a plaintive voice, ‘Is it snowing at home?’ It was our daughter, ringing from her Dad’s place where it wasn’t snowing. She had heard about it on the radio and was so disappointed. ‘I’ve never seen snow.’
‘I know Darling, neither had I. Do you want me to come and get you.’
‘Dad says it’ll melt before I get there.’
‘He’s probably right; it is already melting
‘Can you put a snowball in the freezer for me?’

So I went out under dripping trees to form some melting snowballs. They were already slush-hard, so when she retrieved them, I had to tell her not to kill anyone.

a snowball
that melts as she wonders
the child
tells herself


Ligo Haibun Challenge – Images

12 thoughts on “Fluttery Stuff (Tanka Prose)

  1. Others tell me that even in climates without snow there are four seasons.
    I’ve got snow to spare if you want some 🙂

    I enjoyed reading your haibun and will bookmark you in my Ligo haibun section.

  2. Hi Belinda. I was at art college with Andy Goldsworthy in the 70’s. Not exactly a friend – we were in competition for the same girl. (I got the girl – now lost – and he got the international fame). Anyway – look him up if you don’t know his work. One project he did was ‘Snowballs in Summer’. He made huge 6ft snowballs packed with different materials (one with twigs, one with cones, one with vines etc) and had them stored in a refrigeration unit until the summer. Then one very early summer morning he had them distributed to various locations in London. People woke up and went about their business surprised to find 6ft snowballs melting all over the place – spilling their various kinds of rural cargo on the London streets.

    1. Hi David, I know and love Andy Goldsworthy’s work. took my kids (when they were still kids) to a show of his here in South Australia. I have seen photos of his snow balls. Didn’t know the city or summer connections though. gold!

      1. Must say – I like your visual work as much as your written work. I think you’re a very interesting find. Good quality stuff. I have a particular passion for notebooky things – as you’ll see from my WordPress sites and possibly also from my commercial site: http://www.dkcreative.co.uk. (I still have many things to photograph for that, though). And yes, I thought you’d probably know Andy Goldsworthy’s work. I’m curious to know more.

        1. Hi David,
          I was into visual art from a really early age, and I did lots, had quite a few shows. But somehow I seemed to finish something and really didn’t want to do it any more. Notebooky stuff and ephemeral things are all I am into recently.
          I put the better part of my energy into poetry at the moment.
          Maybe one day I’ll go back into visual stuff. Who knows.

  3. Belinda, this is simply beautiful writing. The tanka verse fit in so nicely, and that last one stunned. This is why reading can be a beautiful experience – great dialogue, and what a line -‘Can you put a snowball in the freezer for me?’ there is that tender moment. The glasses, fluttering, snapshots, all so nicely described. Thank you so much.

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