haiku about healing

Today Carpe Diem ( Carpe Diem #392, Anrakuji (Temple 6) ) visits  Anraku-ji, Temple 6 on the Shikoku 88 temple pilgrimage.This temple is in honour of Bhaisajyaguru, or the Buddha of healing and medicine.

It got me to thinking of all the ways we heal each other every day. Spontaneous kindness, smiles, picking something up for another, a few words with a stranger at the supermarket. How we heal animals and they heal us. How people are generally compassionate, that these things are inherent in us, stemming from empathy. I remember a few years back the meme of the selfish gene saying that people learn to be kind because of a survival instinct, and thinking it was hogwash. At age four, distinctly remember feeling another person’s pain. The concept of mirror neurones is closer to my experience.
In any case, the world is an amazing place and there is room for everyday miracles.

hospital box opened
the battered bird

a stranger’s headache
my hot hands turned

old man counting change
a teenager retrieves
his fallen stick

picking shell
from the chick
a child’s fingers

weeping woman
the dog puts its head
on her knee

warm hands
I massage winter
from his knees


16 thoughts on “haiku about healing

  1. yes, the formatting. ugh. I am really particular about how poems look, hate it when they get messed up. I have found that some themes work better than others, and I’m always playing with the html. (and I always do text not visual in the little posting boxes, visual always loses the spacing if you edit.)

    love the image of the child picking the shell from the chick…
    I like to think we are born kind, and learn to be selfish.

    1. hmm. I’ll give ‘text’ a try.
      I think we have a natural tendency to be kind after about age three. (psychopaths excepted) But we also learn kindness and to be aware of other non-visual ways that people suffer.
      thanks for your input, Angie.

        1. haha! it turned the html into a space. hmmm, how to say it. I will spell it out:

          ampersand nbsp semi-colon

  2. Love the dog with its head on the woman’s knee!! I agree, it is a pain to get a poem to look nice on this platform. I center mine and use single spacing. I do that by hitting the shift key and then the return key. This achieves single spacing, at least in the theme I am using. Good luck!

    1. I have been using the quotes button and that has created problems. but if I just use shift/enter it seems to be betterI’ve still to work out how to do a double space. html is probably the answer. shudder
      thanks for your input

  3. Beautiful and moving images, Belinda. I quite agree about the format thing: I have given up on trying to make my poems actually LOOK nice! xxx

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