Fox and Child

orange morning
a fox in dry grass
sniffs air

This fellow was on the opposite hill one morning. He trotted half way up and then he stopped, had a stretch and sat down, looking around, smiling. I had the binoculars on him, so I could tell he was smiling, and not much wonder, it was a beautiful morning.  He trotted off after a while until, near the top of the ridge, he began to run because the magpies dive-bombed him. I guess he has a lair over in the woodland that way.

sliding on sky
the magpie’s downward tumble
of notes

One morning my daughter was holding her daughter at this same window. Lenka was about ten months old and Hana had been using Auslan (Australian Sign Language) with her. Babies can communicate earlier when they sign. Milk, enough (food), love, tired etc. Useful stuff when you can’t yet talk.

she signs ‘I like’
and hugs the rag doll
I made for her
christening if
with vegemite

Hana (at the window) was showing Lenka the world. ‘Look, there’s a Magpie up in the tree. Can you hear it? It’s singing.’ and so on, when Lenka pointed out, then pulled her fingers from open to closed as she drew her hand away from her face, the sign for fox, and there, in the grass, was a fox.

* she signs I like was published in Eucalypt, A Tanka Journal, Issue 10, 2010

10 thoughts on “Fox and Child

  1. Loved this.
    We signed with our daughter when she was young. Helped her immensely, I think. No terrible twos. Just some mildly annoying threes. Though that could have had as much to do with her personality.

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