how solitary


late sunshine
the scrub twitters
with wrens

caught out
the wallaby hides its head
behind a sapling

old-grass-treesunset viewing
the heart
of an old man

how solitary
the windless



Carpe Diem #405, Zenjibuji (Temple 32)

6 thoughts on “how solitary

  1. Nice. I am enjoying my pilgrimage with Carpe Diem.

    We were in Arizona in December of last year. One canyon area with a man made lake within up-heaved volcanic rock was a forest of cacti. That’s what your photos reminded me of. We actually spotted a bald eagle as well as some wild goats.

    1. Oh what a treat! we camp a lot and one gets these wonderful experiences of animals when one spends time in their environments. Didn’t see many animals this trip though. These grass trees are very slow growing so this one must be very old.

      1. I camped when I was younger. I am lucky to live by a creek…we get some interesting critters back there…
        deer, ducks, geese, a migratory heron, turtles, frogs, and last fall I found an otter!

        Some of the cacti were hundreds of years old. The guide told us that the on cacti group had to be at least 50 years old before getting it’s first arm and we saw some with huge arms – over a dozen of them.

  2. Fabulous poem and pictures. Your take me right there and show me what you see and how you feel about it. What a gift you have. I recently followed and am scrolling back through your blog. This one is well worth the scroll.


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