Witch Dream (tanka prose)


My stepson had a dream: that I was a wicked witch, complete with a cackle and carbuncles, and I was poisoning his father. This from a grown man who is a best friend and who loves me like a mother. Goodness knows what it means; his father has been very sick and I am, after all, a keeper of kin. Also in control of our diet, these days by the book healthy, though sometimes I wonder about the book.

stirring vegies
into the stock pot
our kids
bubble bubble
toil and giggle


Image is Mother and Son by Ervin Janek, My husband and this stepson’s father. Check out his site: Ervin Janek

12 thoughts on “Witch Dream (tanka prose)

    1. Oh I know, he told me with a large measure of apology, poor Sweet, like he can control dreams. yes, Ervin is a lot better, though he has some latent problems. well, one gets an old body if one lives long enough. Thanks for your concern, Brenda.

  1. What a talented pair you are! There is something abo6t Ervin that reminds me of Joseph Beuys, not that that means anything..his work like yours is free from derivation and cliche..clean and clear…the laughing angel made me laugh with her!!

    1. something in his mouth perhaps? (re Joseph Beuys)
      thanks for your comment re our work. Ervin is delighted with what you said, esp re the laughing angel. She is a true delight that girl. turned up recently (we hadn’t seen her for a couple of years) 10 months pregnant or something. more photos before she popped. and she is just a lovely mother, a heart on legs

  2. I am really behind on visits. Thank you for yours to my haibun thinking piece…and maybe you popped over to my ‘B’ post and left a comment for a Carpe Deim piece? I don’t post what I don’t recognize though. Blogger doesn’t have a real good way of identifying who visits. I actually know several Belinda …

    I too hope for speedy recovery of all ills. Dreams are strange. Sometimes though I have read that the opposites are to be taken from the symbols. So hopefully there is a swift recovery. I also think dreams are reflections of the too much stimuli we see and can not process during the day. So I don’t put to much stock in them. As you say one cannot control what one dreams.

    I like the image. Shadows like dreams can’t always be touched or make sense.
    Thanks again, and sending good vibes. ~Jules

    1. I’ll sign properly next time, Jules. yes I’ve seen bit of kaeru. lovely poems, and I also love your longer poems. especially that latest haibun about the spine.
      Thanks for your well wishes. Dreams are definitely not literal translations of what one thinks or feels.
      Cheers, B

      1. After seeing that you also wrote for CD…I then figured it might be you, So I published your comment. I’m just a tad skiddish about the unknown.

        I am having some issues with family that do not live close…and I am sure that is disrupting my own dreams. Never fun to wake up not feeling refreshed.

        Concrete poems are a challenge. I only found out that ‘shape’ poems had that name a couple of years ago. So much to learn.

  3. The poem gives me the feeling of a witch cooking children. Delightfully wicked. The picture is thick with a dreamy sense of a man whose soul has been turned to wood. Both are wonderful. Alice

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