light on dry reeds (grateful acceptance)

 © Belinda Broughton
© Belinda Broughton

late light
we take shoes from
weary feet

. . .

snotty and aching
but happily lazy
in my warm bed

. . .

stony garden soil
I learn to build

. . .

orb weaver —
between threads I carefully pick

. . .

sorry Snail     I need cabbage too     nitrogen-rich regret

. . .

in the glide of a Brown Snake
a rodent-shaped bulge

. . .


  • Our Orb Weaver spiders build themselves little umbrellas out of leaves and hide in them.
  • The Brown Snake is one of our deadliest snakes, the most common snake in our area.
  • ‘Grateful acceptance’ is a zen concept for being grateful and accepting all things, even trials. It’s deeper in intent than one English alternative, ‘Every cloud has a silver lining.’ ‘Grateful acceptance’ is lived moment by moment, not just seeing the good in a difficult situation.

for: Carpe Diem #409, Enko-ji (temple 39) (grateful acceptance)

9 thoughts on “light on dry reeds (grateful acceptance)

    1. Oh Jules, I went through this too. Also (and it hurt more) my daughter, and she has grown up so strong and sensitive and resilient. Thank you for surviving and sharing this poem.

      the trials
      of an open heart
      grateful acceptance

  1. I enjoyed all of these. Very nice.

    night jitters
    long flight tomorrow
    warm bed now

    Night night. Grateful for bed and roof and internet to say howdy to friend. Alice

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