Cherubs (haibun and haiga)


Cherubs are meant to be all innocence and soft curls, but my own cherub had no hair at all until she was well old enough to argue. Of course she was arguing at twelve months. Aren’t they all? As soon as they have the slightest comprehension of the word ‘no’, they are using it. Before they can even say it. Fair enough. I don’t like mashed vegetables either.

the child’s sleep routine
and from the bathroom

screams of fury
from the bedroom

My son said, ‘They scream and crap and dribble and vomit on you and scream some more, and you are so exhausted you can hardly stand up, and you’re just about to top them, and they give you a smile or learn something new and you go, “Aww…” ’

first light of dawn

the sing-song voice
of the toddler

quick padding feet
and then
the face of the child

belly laughter —
hands poised in tickle mode
the father


Haibun Thinking Week 7: March 4th 2014 

25 thoughts on “Cherubs (haibun and haiga)

        1. When parents of younger kids are dreading teenagehood, I tell them, ‘It’s fine, as long as you know you’re stupid.’ I like this quote (don’t know whose): ‘When I was a teenager I thought my parents were stupid. By the time I was 21, I was amazed how much they’d learned.”

        1. Ah, I have 12, 9 and 4. The under 5s are very demanding. And that last word in my previous comment was supposed to be tinies, but was morphed by my autocorrect. Sigh. I found the hardest years of parenting so far were before 4.

        2. I loved parenting. pretty much all the way through, I love babies and toddlers. such funny little critters. but they can be very tiring. I really loved teens once they got a sense of humour but there seems to be a while when not much is funny for them. I rather miss those years, the hardest and best of times. no wonder people are besotted with their grandies.

        3. I love parenting, too. All the parts of it. The under 3s are physically demanding. And they need so much stuff — snacks, spare clothes, toys, special seats, special food, but nothing can match their smiles and uncomplicated love.

  1. I love watching my son be a daddy and doing the things I did for him –
    Yes children cause you to loose sleep, but every ‘Awe’ is renewing and well volumes should be written on the magic of ‘tickle fingers’.

    Nicely written and a joy to read. ~Jules

  2. This is lovely Belinda, having looked after my two young gkids yesterday I know the feeling of having had enough only to see them smile at you and your heart melts and you go one again. Beautifully expressed.

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