chaos with the sound of water

into the sound
of the children’s bath

I’m sure it has something to do with an ancient pond and a frog’s splash? Well maybe not. It was inspired by Carpe Diem #421, Hoju-ji (Temple 62). That temple area has lots of fountains and Kristjaan has written about the sound of falling water.

I’m in Brisbane with my daughter and her family. So hectic, so busy, so boisterous, so noisy, so delightful.  

down the hall
a trickle of laughter
early morning

We went into the city centre for Hana to do some drawings of a building site. She has a uni project to design a building for it. Zakky slept in the pram while Ervin and I took photos of a burnout building. But when we settled for a coffee, he was up and running on his little sandalled feet.

Of course I am so completely involved that I have no creative energy left at all. This post may take three days.

fountain water
an ibis
dips its bill

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