haiku by a three-foot child

summer dusk
the sound
of a koala pissing


a three-foot stick
in the mouth of the dog
garden gate


he swallowed it!
the ladybird!
the child


(an oldie)

Get a threefoot child to write haiku.” Carpe Diem #425, Daiko-ji (temple 67) When I first read this quote by Basho I thought that the child must have three feet. No, that’s not what he meant. He meant keep it simple. Simple in the words, and in the (in)sight that gives rise to the haiku.

Actually, regarding the koala, there was an aluminium ladder leaning on the tree below him and the piss was dropping on it, amplifying the sound.

15 thoughts on “haiku by a three-foot child

      1. Puts a whole new meaning to a ‘lit’ ‘fart….’
        I wonder if they get ‘heartburn?’

        Not really all that late here only about 8pm but it has been a long day and I’m getting punchy…

        1. oh, an early night is prescribed for you. or perhaps internet down, a quiet book or a hot bath. the latter is my preference when I feel like that. take care of yourself.

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