Summer’s end


The season has broken. Green thickens on the hills. It is always a relief, this turning from summer. It feels like spring, growth quickening new sprouts. Even my plum-tree has opened some flowers and the soil is soft and spongy.

damp earth
every footstep mutes
a cricket

autumn garden
the mice help themselves
to tomatoes

mutual respect
the inch ant and the tall man

on the hillside
in the sun
it’s fairly obvious
that I am earth




Carpe Diem #427, Motoyama-ji (temple 70)

7 thoughts on “Summer’s end

  1. I am (was) really behind on my return visits. Attempting to catch up today.

    I like this whole series. Enough so to take a break and find some nature to deliciously breath in and bring some calm.

    Cheers, Jules

      1. Just stretched my legs a bit and found an entry to a trail next to the hotel that I will visit tomorrow. I did see a duck though. And some old willow trees 🙂
        I’ve got something in the works for my daily piece tomorrow. June 18th. 🙂

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