surprise visit

fever has left me
cleaned-bone ecstatic

God comes to me in the cow
that raised its placid head
when I put my face to the window

God comes
in warm sunlight on grass-stalks
before blue shadows

in the pastel knickers on the clothes line
looking huge and funny

in the furry face of a loved man
with wrinkles beside his eyes

God comes to me in
the throwing back of sheets
the sweat of the nightclothes
the weight of a book

God comes to me, warm
in the centre of my forehead
and in pregnant sinuses
wheezing bronchi
and a small fist-like back pain

God comes in a rush and a surge
through gut and blood
lifts me up and out of bed
and into another day

into another ordinary
ecstatic day





Postscript: pushed me back into bed fairly soon thereafter

10 thoughts on “surprise visit

  1. Belinda, if you write this well when you’re under the weather, what CAN you do when you’re in the pink?! All the lovely images just blow me away! Exquisite! — Ron —

    1. I really was quite feverish and had a sort of ecstatic experience. This came the next day while I was still blown away and pretty much wrote itself because the world was so beautiful. All I had to do with it was jewellery. (you know cut half of it away and do some tidying)

  2. Beautiful to be able to recognise the profundity of creation/creator in the simplicity of our moments. and to have one’s life directed that way.

  3. Quick recovery. Though you may already be well by the time you get this…

    Good things are easier to find when we look with the perspective of finding what is honorable.
    Trying to catch up on visits. Thank you for a soothing romp of extra ‘ordinary’.

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