through bones
the thud
of thunder

the first two pale leaves
of a clover

the finest artwork
of delicate white
a tiny moth

with a child
and a magnifying glass
under a bush

honey comb
explaining bee society
to a sticky child

I’m awed by storms and stars, and mushrooms with underground structures as big as the forest, by birds – their feathers and flight, the tendrils of vines feeling the air and clasping, the massive huntsman in the bathroom, by Eucalypt seed shaken out of a gum nut, so tiny you can hardly see, under a huge and ancient Red Gum that you have to take a picnic to walk around (well, not quite).

And I am awed by insects, all of them, but ants mostly, not just what they can carry and what they achieve, but their goddamn painful stings. Last time an inch-ant bit my daughter she had elephant-leg. Next time it’s hospital. So today I poisoned four jumping-ant nests and one inch-ant nest. I apologised, but really, there’s two acres here, why so close to the house? They were not impressed, jumping around with their jaws snapping.

Ever seen an inch-ant? Most of them, though bigger than an inch, are small, right? But when an inch-ant sees all five or six feet of you in your steel capped shoes, he’s up unto a boxer’s pose, jumping around saying, ‘Come on then! Come on then! I’ll have you!’ and when you don’t respond, starts marching towards you like a single man army, saying ‘Hey! Chicken Shit! If you won’t come to me, I’ll come to you!’

I’m not kidding; they are nasty little beasties. Once Ervin unceremoniously threw one off the edge of the verandah despite my telling him, ‘It’d be better to kill that ant. He’s seen you now. He’ll be back.’ in my best Arnold Schwarzenegger impression. Ervin laughed, but ten minutes later it bit him on the bum. Serves him right. That ant had walked four metres through a wilderness of undergrowth and two metres up the verandah. Don’t tell me it wasn’t the same one. Don’t kid yourself.

garden path
two inch ants
face off



Carpe Diem #435, Awe, our first ”modern” kigo of spring

15 thoughts on “awe

  1. Priceless! But painful for Ervin! And, as one who accidentally sat down on a Fire Ant mound, I know a little of what he felt…in the same place he felt it! Thanks for the best belly-laugh of the week!


    1. cheers Alice! good to hear from you. I’ve been writing but not reading much, so I dropped over to your blog just now. You have been through the wringer while I wasn’t watching! I hope you’re better now. the last post seems to say you are of good heart, (if slightly jealous)

      1. Belinda,
        Thanks for stopping by. I’ve been catching up after four days in hospital and recuperation. I no longer feel like I’ve been beaten and left to die. This is good.

        I’m of good heart with lots of laughter. Thanks for asking. There are kindred spirits here and soil for roots. There will be a ways for this to work. My heart knows this and smiles.

        Thanks for your kind words and support. I hope you and yours are well.:-)


  2. I’m not sure I know of your ants. Though we have ‘red ants’ here. And they bit too. They are tiny little things. And if you disturb their nest, well I can smell the odor they put out as a call of war.

    We are just starting to get our insects back with spring. Though I am sure the black ants under the house would invade on the drop of a dime if I didn’t have a service come and spray once a month. There really is so much more room elsewhere. But under a concrete slab… offers them security I suppose.

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