jetty’s end

pier, ink on paper, © Belinda Broughton
jetty, ink on paper, © Belinda Broughton

and the seagulls’ squabbles
beaching waves

jetty’s end
land-voices snatched
by wind

I’ll never hear whale song on the open ocean.
The end of this jetty is the closest I’ll go to mid sea.
You can have your adventures in a tiny boat
on the surface of that great mass
alone with albatross and storms.
The exhilaration of surviving there
is not for me. I like my feet on land.

Still, there is something in the deep,
the dark forever, in the immense silence
of the sea, that pulls one.
As if one’s body 
belongs there,
came from there, wants back.
If ever I need to suicide …

But no, the voices of children are behind me
on the land,
 and all the ones I love,
and honey eaters with their feathered tongues,
and dragonflies and daisies.
Not for me the slippery world of salt water,
even on a moonlit night with whale song.

as if after a voyage
the meeting of bare feet
and sand


Līgo Haibun Challenge – Picture Prompt

17 thoughts on “jetty’s end

  1. Another beautifully visceral piece. “the dark forever” – brilliant! “…land-voices snatched by wind”…gorgeous! And deeply haunting, “if every I need to suicide…” lingers like a somewhat scary image you can’t get out of your mind…which I really really like! Love your work Belinda!

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