lingering cold

water-on-windowLingering cold, I have one! ‘lingering cold’ is a kigo for spring about winter hanging around. Of course here it’s Autumn, so this kigo would be good in october. However I do have a lingering cold, coughing for weeks now. It’ll go away.

emptying the waste
the autumn wind snatches
snot rags

(Sorry about that, a tad rough, but it’s been a rough cold!)

I suppose the equivalent is ‘indian summer’ where the heat hangs around or comes back in Autumn. Most years we get a lot of that, even May can be quite hot, on and off. On and off being the operative phrase, the weather is very changeable here.

again the cat
seeks the shade
indian summer

across a grey sky
a crow high up
tossed by wind

autumn wind
already longing for spring
his bones

as if scrying
our eyes gaze
into the fire

indian summer
new flowers
on the plum-tree!

‘lingering cold’ is the prompt given by Björn of Björn Rudbergs Writings on Carpe Diem #444


9 thoughts on “lingering cold

  1. Not a bad one in the lot! Plus, I learned a new word — scrying! Never heard that one before, but adding it to my vocabulary added EVERYTHING to my understanding and appreciation of the haiku. Superb work, Belinda!


  2. Still playing catch-up – but it was the plum tree haiku that caught my eye. I went on that other trail across the road. Must be higher ground as there wasn’t any water in the gully/creek. However there was a plum tree, heavy with fruit and on the walkway side (divided by a high fence) was a ‘Litter of plums’ …there will be a poem in that. But I haven’t written it yet 🙂

    1. how lovely. some of the orchardists here, for one reason or other, don’t pick their apples. autumn is often dry (therefore not green) an the ground under the trees is red with apples. I have never managed to haiku it well.

      dry autumn
      the orchard earth is red
      with apples

      well, perhaps (thanks to you) I’ve got the last two lines, and like that one could be expecting leaves. but I don’t yet like the fragment. I’ll go cook and see if I cook it up too. 🙂
      good luck with your (lovely) ‘litter’.

      1. I wrote most of it before dinner, But I want to work on the second half. I’ll try and remember to pop in a link tomorrow California time or later today (three hours later Pennsylvania time. 🙂

        One house we lived in had a crab apple tree. I made fresh apple sauce. But the tree was already overgrown and it wasn’t easy to get good apples. Most ended up on the ground and full of bugs and worms.

        Very nice haiku! autumn is my favorite season.

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