Sand in the Works

duneA fishing tournament, prizes for the biggest catch, and people came from miles around and set up camp in the dunes. Then they drove their shiny four-wheel drives down to the beach to fish.

The organizers assured everyone that they’d assured everyone there would be a king tide, but the fishing was so good that everyone forgot.

Well, next day there were backhoes on the beach digging the vehicles out. One guy opened his car door and was shoveling out armfuls of sand. Another raised his bonnet and there was the top of his engine all shiny above the neatly packed sand. They had to get all of it out before they could lift the vehicles. I’m glad I wasn’t there because, I’m afraid, I found it funny and that would have gone down like a lead balloon or a dead four-wheel drive.

on dry sand
the little plover mother’s
two perfect eggs


Postscript: Part of this beach is protected from 4WD in certain seasons because plovers nest on dry sand at the top of the beach and the 4WD run over so many nests when the tide is high. Even when they are setting eggs, Plovers always run away from the nests when anyone comes near  to distract attention from the eggs. The ‘nest’ is just two eggs lying on the sand in a slight depression.
Carpe Diem #446, Beach

15 thoughts on “Sand in the Works

  1. The juxtaposition of the heavy duty 4×4’s to the plover’s nest. Ah man, I’m now so cross as I sit here I can … I don’t know what. These guys and their heavy metal egos must just actually be restricted to suburbia. Or banned altogether. Wouldn’t it be nice if the makers of these vehicles get themselves a conscience and stop producing 4.4’s so the plovers, and a myriad other life forms can live? Dream on Petru, dream on!

        1. Here in RSA there’s a culture of rich suburban owners of 4×4’s pay good money to have their vehicles sprayed professionally with mud to make it look as if they’ve been out in the wild. How pretentious can things get?

  2. Thanks for this wonderful picture, delicate plovers and muscle-bound cars. I would have been laughing with you at the entombed 4WDs; there is some justice after all! I cannot believe why on earth cars of any kind need to be allowed on any beach. It’s absurd.

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