Stage Lights

Dress rehearsal, first production, the five and six year-olds see the stage set-up for the first time, the props, the scenery. Songs forgotten, they go around touching things. Chaos.

stage right —
a mother hen
shepherds children

the glitter
of children’s eyes
stage wings

But slowly out of chaos comes performance to melt hearts.

from darkness
the clear bell
of a child’s voice

opening night
parents’ eyes brim
with light

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18 thoughts on “Stage Lights

  1. Oh!…”glitter of children’s eyes”… so good…this makes my heart warm with the unbelievably hilarious and beautiful memories of my kids in plays. My daughter literally just stood through a whole play(she was 4) it was fall over funny. Beautiful work that brought beautiful feelings into a cold moment. Thanks Belinda!

  2. aloha Belinda. your insight into the photo is spot on. and you brought it out so well in your write. now I WANNA go touch that Stage. bwahahahaha. way fun. very cool haibun-ing. aloha.

  3. Lovely. It is such a privilege to little kids performing something they have rehearsed. You capture the excitement so well

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