home and in love

autumn night
the smell of disinfectant
and the scent of him

The great love story continues. Ervin came home from hospital yesterday. He is exhausted, weak, scarred and bruised, but home. He has pain and hiccoughs and he moans in his sleep. I hate feeling unable to magic pain away from my loved ones. 

But he is just so happy to be home, to eat decent food, sit on his verandah amongst red falling leaves, feed his wild magpies, and to be loved by his grandkids, his kids and me.

gingerbread-usGingerbread us. Our good friend and relative Amanda Mckay made these for us one Christmas. We never ate them. We hung them up to admire and eventually ants came to them. And they are completely accurate. See:



11 thoughts on “home and in love

  1. I’m so glad to hear he’s home. This post brought tears to me eyes. He’s exhausted weak scarred and bruised but HOME. This IS the continuing saga of your great love story. Feed him good food.

    I love the cookies. But I can’t tell they match EXACTLY unless you guys strip naked and pose. Maybe after he feels better? 😉

    I’m sending LOVE to join yours.

  2. How lovely you both are! What a beautiful joy of the small things you paint…sometimes I look at the sounds and colours of nature, the activities of creatures, and a poem and a picture just isn’t enough…Ervin sitting on the verandah with the red leaves and wild magpies perhaps is…..
    Love to you both
    enjoy every moment x

    1. 🙂 Nicole, it’s true isn’t it, and just as well. Imagine our huge heads if we could get close to depicting nature? and what else would there be to do?
      love is enough.
      love to you too

  3. That is such good news! (Well, not the exhausted weak and scarred part, but the alive and loved and decent food part). I’m sure the magpies missed him too. My best to you both.

  4. Belinda, I rejoice with you that prayers have been answered and Ervin is on the road to full recovery. As I mentioned in a comment to an earlier post, I had a sextuple coronary bypass in 1999 and haven’t had a moment’s trouble since. Even the LONG scar on my right leg has faded to near invisibility. May the path you travel together through life be one of deep joy and matchless love.



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