delete files

the brain hardens
around old thoughts
old hurts
writing and rewriting
till old loves
are hated and old hates
haunt your nights

best to lay down
good memories
I tell my children
as they bend over
their devices
they glance up at me
with blank faces

and all the while
sunshine on their hair
birds singing
leaves aquiver
a traipse
of fine clouds across
an impertinent sky

memories of childhood
written in the scars
on my knees

high up
in the poinciana tree
a child’s gaze

morning bus stop
the pips and trills
of gadgets


in answer to Līgo Haībun Challenge Quote Week
‘The memory of things gone is important to a jazz musician.’ Louis Armstrong

9 thoughts on “delete files

  1. Belinda, this one pushes all the right buttons! If it were an animal at the Humane Society, I’d be trying to adopt it! Thanks for starting my day with such charming and evocative poetry!


  2. as they bend over
    their devices
    they glance up at me
    with blank faces

    Vapid toys for vapid people. I once felt hey, the new tech for new generation and look how advanced they are. There was no internet when I went to college. We had to find books. Look how the entire world on the internet is available to young people now. But they are not doing any learning or inquiring about things – just mindless texting and simple games.

    1. there is a lot of it going around, and there are major problems with the internet, research loss, attention span, misinformation, to name a few. but it depends on the kid I think. I remember my daughter’s conversations at a similar age and they were just as mindless, yet she managed to retain a curious mind. I think every generation despairs at the younger, but I also believe there is enormous hope in every generation.

  3. So true…it’s sad that people keep picking their scabs as it were leaving such terrible scars. I like how you wrote this, a new interesting haibun form. 😉

    1. Bitterness is one of the most insidious mental problems it seems to me. It poisons people’s days, the mind being so good at going round in circles. This haibun sounds quite bitter also, in retrospect, but I really do feel hopeful for the next g. Adolescence has always been difficult time, just these days they do it with gadgets.
      Thanks re comment re form.

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