suds to my elbows —
he kisses a tremor
into my nape

Untitled, acrylic on canvass 1200x1200 mm © Belinda Broughton
Untitled, acrylic on canvass 1200×1200 mm
© Belinda Broughton

Why this figure? No idea. She has a strange archetypal look to her. An energy, a virility, a sexuality? In any case, here she is in her glory. Ready for something.

Today’s prompt on Carpe Diem Haiku Kai is ‘kissing’, used by Jane Reichhold as a summer kigo. ‘Heat’ being the operative word. Sensual, sexual kissing though one of hers is sweet rather:

together in a glass
our toothbrushes

© Jane Reichhold

but then this!

desert kisses
than ever before

© Jane Reichhold

How suggestive is that? I hope my suds poem is just a little bit suggestive.

9 thoughts on “Kisses

  1. was eating liquoorice when I fell in love with your untitled painting…. Now my screen has gooey black streaks on it….haha………..seriously, I love your suds poem; I like to catch Mary in similar situations to give her a sloppy neck kiss….

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