From Bright Stars 2

she learns
to separate
magpie song
from the shadows of leaves
the wide-eyed baby

this baby
fingering the locket
at my neck
breaks into
inexplicable tears

first taste of yoghurt
a shudder, a grimace
then this little one
opens her mouth
just like a baby bird

Peter (Australian Magpie) © Belinda Broughton
Peter (Australian Magpie)
© Belinda Broughton


















at this end
of the baby
I shouldn’t
have fed her

‘in the pocket’
says the toddler
the half-eaten plum
down her mother’s cleavage

‘Happy Birthd…
on the candled cake
‘a’ and ‘y’
are in the smug fist
of the two-year old


These were published in Bright Stars 2, An Organic Tanka Anthology, a lovely collection, available as an e-book too.


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