9 thoughts on “two sketchbook pages

      1. I must have got the order wrong – the one of the woman with the phone was the most effective for me too. Well done.

  1. Belinda,
    These are alive, delicate and well-drawn!. I liked all but enjoyed the cell-phone posture the best. You’ve captured something very modern and cultural here. Many people relate to their devices rather than directly with people (the writer writes as she types on-line to someone on the other side of the planet). I see this “tête à tête” pose between bonded pairs of human and electronics often in public places. It seems that aboriginals have not been left behind in our silent and bloodless cultural revolution. While she and your artistic representation are lovely, I’m saddened in response to the content. There is a distance between warm flesh and breath implied in this midst for potential long-distance connectivity. I’m reminded that I’m unlikely to ever take your hand in mine or inhale the same air as you.
    All the best,

    1. there is a poignant sadness in it, I agree. but, if it’s any consolation, she was waiting for a friend, and here was lots of animated enjoyment and conversation when she arrived! so that’s good.
      yes it is a funny old world these days, when one meets a lovely person on line and is unlikely to ever meet in the flesh. a bit like pen pals I suppose. if i ever win the lottery I’ll ‘drop over’ or get you on a plane to here. of course I would have to start buying lottery tickets!

      1. Yes. This makes me feel much better. I’m glad to hear there was real human personal interaction.

        If I ever make it to Oz, I will find you and buy you a cup of tea (if you drink tea). I’d love it if you “dropped over”. I suppose I’ll have to buy a few lottery tickets as well. 🙂

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