16 thoughts on “longest night

    1. happy solstice to you also. sometimes people here have solstice parties at this time of year and serve christmas fare, because at christmas time most people have cold food or barbecues.

      1. You truly do live in the land of Oz to me. I suppose it’s all very normal there to have Christmas in the summertime. And kangaroos and cockatoos.

        And the normal invisible wonders I live every day with may seem unusual or fancy to you. I met an Australian man once who was perpetually fascinated by our common squirrels.

        I must remember to wake myself up and look anew,


      1. We’ll probably get them the day after. Tomorrow it’s going to be 14 and wet. brrrr. Thanks for the heads up about the wind.

        1. I think the wind is still coming (according to the forecast). Over here it’s really cold – trying to get motivated to get out the door – brrr. 🙂

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