trying to read the tarot

first card: the fool
I was nineteen at the time, just setting out
on this grand grown-up adventure
laying down fun memories and doing things
that ring with regret all these years later

second card: death
not dribble-wiping, last-breath, stinky-coffin death
I was twenty-one and apparently that card
symbolises the end of something
— my childhood for example

third card: the empress
all the pretty children at her feet
an abundance of ripe fruit
I was twenty-four, living with a man
and planting a garden by the moon

after that I gave up tarot
I couldn’t understand the symbols
let alone how they applied to my life
and anyway I was too busy
with all the pretty children at my feet



inspired by an image at Magpie Tales, of a woman reading cards

36 thoughts on “trying to read the tarot

        1. well, I found you but went through a third party (big pond) to get there, so it looks like it is still not linking properly. good luck with it. also the gravatar image still doesn’t link

  1. Such a shame … The unconscious mind thinks in images , they call it the unconscious because it is not conscious , over time you can learn to intuitively ” feel ” what it wants or is trying to tell you …if you have had a lot of darkness in your life, this can be quite dangerous to do unaided …cheers

    1. thanks for your comment Kutamun. I think I am in touch with my unconscious in various other ways. It could be that by now I would also ‘get’ tarot. it is a very fertile ‘place’ to visit

    1. and that is exactly what i mean! pity isn’t it? the universe is quite good at hinting, and it’s usually better to act on it before it gives you a shove! I’m getting better at it.

  2. we both went in similar directions with the tarot cards…..i still read mine periodically and after years am more intuitive in their meanings..

  3. I don’t think I’d be brave enough to have a tarot reading – fear of the unknown.
    So I would concentrate on the now . . . and make sure I get what I want from life and sweep a lovely lady playing patience off her feet.
    You’ll have to pop over to see how I did it!! . . . . lol

    Loved you poem and approach ~ Eddie
    Clouds and Silvery Linings

    1. yes, not the best thing to do really, especially if the reader is emphatic. who needs to know anyway? these things are only good in so far as they can teach us about life and how to live it.

    1. Thanks Mary 🙂
      sorry there is something wrong with the linking and I can’t find most of the commenters on this post. the gravatars and names don’t work. I tried to find you but it’s not working

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