I love you Granny With Frosted Hair

‘I love you Nagy Papa With Bird Poo on Your Shoulder.’ This is what Lenka told Ervin, when she was two. Nagy Papa means grandpapa, ‘nagy’ is pronounced ‘nudge’. At the time we were raising a foundling magpie so there was the odd bit of bird poo around, maybe on his shoulder.

She was quite into telling people she loved them, and making up an ending for their name. My favourite was, ‘I love you Granny With Frosted Hair,’ because I do have frosted hair. Well, it’s grey.

It is very heart warming to be told you are loved by a two-year old. So  I was feeling rather pleased with myself, when Evan (Lenka’s Dad) told me of a time when she said, ‘I love you, Mummy. I love you, Daddy.’ and after a short break, ‘I love you, table.’

I thought of this because the prompt on Carpe Diem today is to respond to the following haiku by Basho. He wrote it when he met his siblings after a very long time. Their hair had grown grey and they showed him a locket holding a lock of their mother’s hair.

should I take it in my hand
it would melt in these hot tears:
autumn frost

Basho (translation by David Landis Barnhill)

So our sweet Lenka is a poet too, coming up with the same metaphor as Basho.

But ramblings and grandmotherly pride aside, can I write a haiku in the same vein as Basho’s? fleeting life, impermanence?

the tatters
of a butterfly’s wing
autumn windowsill



16 thoughts on “I love you Granny With Frosted Hair

  1. When we are young we thing we will never age. I laughed at reaching the year 2000 and now we are 13 and 1/2 years beyond that! Two year olds’ are wise to be comfortable and feel protected in their surroundings. I think with seeing the tatter wing of a butterfly I would fall into a day dream of it fluttering… very enjoyable post. ~Jules.

  2. I like this story around the haiku by Basho and I can see the scene in front of me, because I am a granddad too and my grandchildren are now in the age that they are going to ask the ‘why’ wuestions … really it’s awesome to see the grandikds grow and that they become wisher … and they don’t think about getting older … 🙂

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