haiga Belinda Broughton
haiga Belinda Broughton

I love Issa and how he loves bugs. Here are some of my favourites:

from the branch
floating downstream
cricket song

I’m going out
so relax flies
make love

even with insects
some can sing
some can’t

(I love Issa’s humour too)

Flies, beetles, moths, dragonflies, butterflies, mosquitoes, strange odd things that you’re not sure what they are. Things that can fly backwards and sideways (dragonflies), things that try to make love to the moon (moths), things that suck your blood or lay their eggs under your skin, things that make you gasp with their beauty, things that break down your compost, things that seem to have a lot of trouble flying at all (beetles). So many and so varied. You’ve got to love them.

right across the sky
a tiny cabbage white

in the child’s hand

mosquito wriggler
I fish it
from my drink

again and again
into the water
the dragonfly dips its sex

across the floor
is a long way to go
let me help, beetle

Carpe Diem #516 Issa (3), “skylight!”

16 thoughts on “bugs

  1. These haiku are in a class by themselves, B!!! They’re like magic tricks, and I just don’t quite know the secret yet! Show me the “trick” again…please! *g*

  2. I’ll have to look into David Attenburough… sounds interesting.

    I liked them all – We have cabbage whites here too. But what is a ‘slater’? Is that a nick-name? A beetle? Nothing came up online.

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