all night, straight down, rain

Through our sleep, the steady sound of rain. The earth is weeping. Water lies on the ground all over the place. Trees have just fallen over, the earth too wet to hold. There are mud and rock slides on the roads. The creeks gush like politicians but with more purpose.

written in reeds
the creek’s statement —



. . . . . . .


The prompt on Carpe Diem Haiku Kai today is this poem by Shiki, translated by Janine Beichman:

at the full moon’s
rising, the silver-plumed
reeds tremble

© Masaoka Shiki



23 thoughts on “all night, straight down, rain

  1. Wow – it sounds like you copped even more of the storm than we did or maybe the worst is still come here. Wild weather everywhere in south eastern Australia. I love you express it – ‘the earth is weeping’ though sometimes in this heavy rain I find myself thinking ‘the earth is cleansing’ – all that old debris and pollution being washed away so that something new can come. I think it’s up to us just what form that newness takes. 🙂

  2. We’re in a drought. Please send water.

    “The creeks gush like politicians but with more purpose.” I had to chuckle about this.

    And yes, Good haiku and discussion. Thanks.

        1. Ah. There are a zillion imported and invasive eucalyptus trees here. The climate and soil loves them. They sit in piles of their own dry kindling all year round. Hazardous trees.

        2. They grow HUGE. Someone imported these to grow railroad ties. Then we got cars. I don;t think we have a lot of variety of eucalyptus trees. Just the huge ones that spread like crazy and smell like cough medicine. Beautiful. But they do too well and out-compete the natives.

    1. I hope you do like the notes, Kristjaan. It feels a bit cheeky to translate when I know so little about the language really, but, as folk always say about visual art, ‘I know what I like’

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