morning fishing

in morning mist
pelicans and cormorants

through mist
the head of a cormorant
with fingerling

dawn frost on the pier     later    pelicans

each feather    preening pelicans    improbable beaks

a cormorant sounds
its mouth fills
with sunshine

19 thoughts on “morning fishing

    1. I may have to write again about the cormorant though! He had his sun drying stump not four metres from shore just where we camped. at first we were vary careful not to disturb him and took quick surreptitious photos before he was scared off. but he stayed all day and the next, just leaving to fish and roost overnight.
      thanks for commenting and your visit

  1. Were it not for you, I would never have seen pelicans and cormorants in the morning mist. I am the richer for the life you live and the art that springs from it. Thank you so much, B!

    1. such interesting birds. pelicans on water are so stately, like tall ships. and cormorants, what an amazing life spent hanging out the washing of their wings or in that strange unknown underwater world!

  2. What a pleasant interlude to read your poem and gaze at your picture. I especially enjoyed “its mouth fills with sunshine”/ I wondered what this could be like.

  3. I was so lucky today – the great blue heron walked across the middle of my yard I was able to get some photos. Even though even on zoom he still looked far away. Maybe if I ever get some prints I can blow it up and hope that he doesn’t look grainy. 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by ‘addle up’. Hugs, Jules

    1. It’s an art in itself bird photography. I was lucky with the pelican shots, I had a lens extender and a tripod. I have to take it more seriously. But sometimes I think that I miss the magical moments (like your blue heron; what a gift!) because I am fumbling with a camera.
      I loved ‘addle up’. Sorry, I haven’t been reading or blogging much lately. I had a couple of weeks of the ‘deeps’. Felt like longer, but now I am getting much better.

      1. Always take care of yourself first. I was looking at your beautiful New Art Images. It takes time to create. We can’t be everywhere at once. It takes time to put a 1500 piece puzzle together too. But I enjoy it. Maybe I didn’t write as much that week either – waiting for my hubby to come home from his travels.

        Be easy on yourself. Visit when you want not because you think you have to. Be well – Hugs.

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