(not Autumn) full moon

plum-flowersspring garden backache full moon

moonlight on the flowers of rank weeds fumitory

spring moon the scent of tilled earth

all night moon full spring flowers

through falling plum petals the full moon

20 thoughts on “(not Autumn) full moon

  1. That’s a great response. I was wondering how to tackle the autumn full moon theme – of course – make it a spring full moon. Thank you for the inspiration.

    1. sometimes I write from memory, but it defeats the purpose in a way doesn’t it? I would never have written these haiku from memory. and it was nice, the spring full moon is heady, almost drunk, with all those flowers and scents and the surge of life.
      enjoy your writing!

      1. Living in town at present I am less aware of the moon unfortunately. I haven’t down a haiku about it yet – I did one about spirits instead. I love the way you describe your gardens response to the moon. Beautiful

  2. You were inspired Belinda and why not write about autumn full moon if the post triggers you to write about spring full moon. The posts are for inspiration and inspiration only. No boundaries no obligations, just write from the heart. Thank you for sharing this wonderful spring moon haiku, chapeau …

        1. Yes. I really am a luniphile. My favorite temporary abode had high little windows in the eves that caught the full moon and let the light awaken me. Delicious. 🙂

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