Vegetable Garden at Dusk (haibun)

dusk scent
of damp earth
a skirt-full of beans

Inhaling satisfaction, I stand.
Beauty and the joy of growing things warm my forehead.
An owl circles me, at arm’s length!
He perches briefly; then twice around once more,
leaving me, standing there, open-mouthed.

off in the pines
a broken whistle
from the dusk owl

26 thoughts on “Vegetable Garden at Dusk (haibun)

  1. Such a special occurrence. I once came in close contact with a marten, a rather rare and shy member of the weasel family, and I too have been trying to write about that experience for oh, twenty-something years.

    You’ve captured
    the wonder well,
    and left the time
    to be what it is.

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