endless cycle

Thus Come 2 (detail) acrylic on canvas © Belinda Broughton
Thus Come 2 (detail)
acrylic on canvas © Belinda Broughton

chaos order chaos order
things coming, things going, things coming
integration, dissipation, integration
the endless cycle

the making of something through chaos (painting, writing, performance, life)
how, in the making of art, there is a tipping point when chaos dispels and boring starts.
so much of art is about leaving things slightly chaotic, slightly disordered.
where else would the viewer find room to relate? room to ponder?

questions, answers, questions
questions questing quest



This was written in response to a post on The Letters Project, an artist/mother (performance primarily) who is exploring the quandary of being a mother in today’s art scene, and the fertile themes of absence and presence. A very interesting project, still in its infant stages, I suspect. Check it out.

The better part of my art is about this order/chaos cycle.  Have a scroll through, or check out the work in ‘my art’, above.

The baby by the way, is still a newborn, and the most exquisite, wriggly, responsive little chap. I know, because the artist is my daughter-in-law, and I am one of the child’s many grandmothers. (He has at least four. I am known as Granny Bill and am one of the ‘step’ grannies. Not that it makes the slightest difference to us!)

6 thoughts on “endless cycle

  1. Fabulous painting ALMOST like grass after a big wind or the wild hair or a mountain or spring springing or the very vitality of creation being expressed. Yes.

    PS: Grandbaby pics? 🙂

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