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  1. Here we are shivering with cold feet and fingers and lighting solstice candles to burn through the longest night of the year. I forget that you are plug in the middle of SUMMER with your Christmas. It seems so WRONG! DO you give people Christmas shorts and flipflops and fans rather than sweaters and socks and space heaters?

    1. we eat prawns (shrimp?) and salad! some folk go all out and make hot turkey etc. on 38 degrees C days. not me. cold ham, chicken and delicious salads. as for ‘flip flops’, here they are called ‘thongs’! and always were, even back in the day of large knickers!

      1. Your dinner sounds lovely.

        We will be eating winter food. Mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing and tofu (rather than turkey) and carrots.Cooking like that helps warm the house

        “Thongs” sound like naughty underwear rather than slip-on cheap rubber shoes to me. My mother called them “tongs” or “shower shoes” but no one wore them outdoors back then. They were only used to prevent athlete’s foot fungus in gym showers in school.

        No one wears knickers here.;-)

  2. Intricate cutting to created paper snowflakes, the sweat forms or perhaps where you live is warm and the only way you’ll see snowflakes if you make your own. Although I live in Michigan, I may have to cut out a few my self for Christmas. Enjoyed reading both your haiku.

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