20 thoughts on “new obsession

  1. Lovely obsession! Looks like you’ve saved the dinosaurs from extinction!

    I haven’t graduated to the 3D (“standing by themselves”) origami yet, except for more simple models. I think dinosaurs would be really hard to do. Would you consider them intermediate or advanced?

  2. These are SO CUTE!

    My kid became obsesses with folding cranes over Christmas. We decorated our “bundle of sticks” Christmas tree with them. He’s still folding them. They’re piling up.Perhaps I can change him to dinosaurs.

    Happy New Year!

      1. Not the thousand cranes. He and his big brother volunteer at our local library. They had an origami “craft” project planned and had to learn well enough so they could teach and help other kids. It caught his compulsive spirit for a couple weeks. We have a lot of cranes. Friends also got cranes for their Christmas trees.

        Happy New Year!

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