Miró and Me (altered book)

Broughton--playing-with-Miro1 Broughton--playing-with-Miro3 Broughton--playing-with-Miro2Broughton--playing-with-Miro9Broughton--playing-with-Miro4   Broughton--playing-with-Miro7 Broughton--playing-with-Miro5 Broughton--playing-with-Miro8My latest fun. Destroying books. Not important or rare ones, of course. I’ve got a better Miró one and, let’s face it, important as books are, in these times there are so many that sometimes they are just so much junk. That’s my justification anyway. That second one down has to change more though. There is some legal precedent about many percent change is enough before you can call it your own work. More than this one, I reckon. The last one (‘Important Bits of Mademoiselle K’) is worth a closer look, I think. Click on it. . . .

12 thoughts on “Miró and Me (altered book)

  1. superb work once again, and perfectly timed as we are headed to see a Miró exhibition of his later work this weekend! now I will have your transformative adaptations to consider while viewing the works!

  2. Love these! Back in 2005 when I was making a major move I had to radically cull my books. The Used Book stores all said “not taking any more Impressionists — they are everywhere!” So you know which hundreds of books to choose from next! Ha ha ha. I say, “You go, Girl! Those are looking great!” By the way, our Waupaca, WI library is mounting an Altered Books exhibit April 13 – May 14. Wish you were here!

    1. with just a little bit of Miro delight peeking through. perhaps worthy of one of his poetic titles, ‘Two personages sing with a little bird to the blue moon’ don’t know where the little bird is but it is, after all, dark.

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