16 thoughts on “fireground drawings

    1. you have relatives who went through it, don’t you Carolyn? so you would know it first hand. It is quite eery. the first time we went further into it and there were people everywhere doing work. but this time it was so quiet.

  1. I like the cosmic touch of using the charcoal form the site of the burn to make the picture. Very touching. I especially like the bold lines and contrast in your acrylic painting. Strong.

  2. Wow! Both are great. I particularly love the way you captured the essence of the water in the first. And the second must have been a challenge to draw. Nicely done.

    1. pure luck with the first one. I thought it was truly awful until I stood it against the wall at home! mind you ‘luck’ is probably not the right word, and disenchantment is what keeps one moving forward. Thanks Robert

  3. beautiful xx

    love to you all from Christchurch, had to give a safety chat over here today. Back home tonight in time to tuck the kids

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