now, noisily, nervously, nakedly, NaHaiWriMo

into clanging wind chimes
the sound of crow

! white cockatoos
two girls on the trampoline
practice screaming

amid tatters of paper
the puppy’s eyes

pristine beach
a naked child scolds
the waves

the first four days of NaHaiWriMo prompts: now, noisily, nervously, and nakedly.

NaHaiiWriMo is National (more like International) Haiku Writing Month: February, shortest month for the shortest poem. On Facebook and hosted by Michael Dylan Welch, it is so popular that it runs all year. I did a year a while ago. It was fun. Just doing February these days though. Nip over and have a look. Click on ‘Posts to Page’ to read the many poems that folk put there.

17 thoughts on “now, noisily, nervously, nakedly, NaHaiWriMo

  1. This are great – the first two really appeal to me as we are being subjected to the rackets of both crows and cockatoos at present.

    1. the white cockies have moved off from here just now, but we have the high screeches of the yellow tailed blacks. here they feast (amongst other things) on the low-growing local hakea and take off suddenly close to you, huge and black. I love them

      1. I haven’t been that close to a yellow tailed black cockatoo for a long time. They are terrific birds. We sometimes get them flying high overhead screeching – there’s a bush story that they do that a day before heavy rain. It seems pretty accurate to me.

      1. Hi Belinda, the only thing I can think of is to click follow on the ‘ Blazing world’ site,There should be an option somewhere on the blog. I shoot myself in the foot I think by spreading myself thinly over too many areas, and since I’ve decided to concentrate on my painting and written work, without regard to bread and butter work, I’m now trying to focus on the things that I’m about and that are important to me., so I’m making this blog my primary one. Hope that’s clear?!! Hope to see a new follow on my ‘ blazing world’ x

        1. I’m already following ‘blazing’. maybe I should sign up with email, because I am following too many and don’t do enough reading. the Reader is clunky, I find.
          I’m glad you are focusing on painting and written work. bread and butter can destroy you. (me anyway)

        2. Yes I’ve come to the end of the road trying to justify my ability, now i’m just going to be, and do whatever. If you can find the email follow that would be good, I get notification of your posts by email and would miss them otherwise because reader is somewhere I don’t bother to go for some estrange reason…I’m not sure whether the theme I use is that follow friendly I just tried looking at it from the outside and locked myself out!!

        3. I found, in the reader page, an edit button on the ‘blogs i follow tab’. so now i’ll get notifications for your posts on email.
          yes, I suffered a lot in the justification thing. it’s not good. threw me off my horse and i couldn’t even find the horse to get back on for a very long time. the other stupid thing i do is a ridiculous sort of snobbery that one creative act (e.g. painting) is more important , justifiable, or worthy than another (e.g. collage in books). Such comparisons paralyse and who knows what any one thing will lead to anyway. so, like you, I am just getting on with it, and providence will have to deal with feeding me.

  2. What fun! I read these to my kids. They loved them, too. I really like the images of the girls screaming on the trampoline and the kid scolding the waves at the beach. They are so spot on. 🙂

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