10 thoughts on “Polka Dot Dress

  1. I have a special fondness for this “polka dot” chicken. To me, this is the loveliest “print” chicken of all. My favorite all-time hen was this type (whatever breed this is?). She was a pet at my bird’s vet who’d been brought in as an injured stray and not retrieved. She was a VERY friendly lap-sitter and wandered into the waiting room and hopped right into my lap. It made me wonder if chickens could be the best of pet birds of all.

    Lovely cartoon!

    1. what a sweet hen. yes, if it wasn’t for the size and consistency of their ploppings, they would make good pets. mind you I had a blind (or partially) hen called Cara, who insisted on laying in the washing basket. and she never had an accident on the way. xx

      1. Yes. The ploppings were what stopped me from adopting her on the spot. But I’ve seen birdy diapers. Perhaps while running inside the house.

        1. birdy diapers! (‘nappies’ here) oh dear. does it spread all over like a baby? well. depending on your climate, it’s nice to have outside pets too. they encourage you to do more outside.

  2. HaHaHa! Love your humor! Her dress was a bit too plain… Why not? I’ve seen speckled chickens before! Maybe she needs a necklace to spruce it up! Have you seen my birds wearing hats and shoes? You will have to check them out in the category, Merry Bird’s Adventure. It is a bit off the wall. ūüėä

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