Self as RR Hood

Belinda Broughton -- Self as RR Hood
Belinda Broughton — Self as RR Hood

Me at a fancy dress party, age 5. Really. Not the trees, of course. Actually behind me was the wall of the local hall, complete with a picture of the queen. I gave myself these very menacing woods. But this the actual expression is on my face in the photo. I was looking for the ‘birdie’!  There were so few cameras around in those days, I thought there must be a cuckoo-clock type of contraption on cameras. As an undiagnosed myopic, I was used to squinting to try see things that other people could see but I couldn’t.

21 thoughts on “Self as RR Hood

  1. You know, I’ve had a bother about the RR Hood story for a while: that the mother could send the kid into the woods, knowing about the wolf. The Grimm tale, as told to them, doesn’t have the wolf being cut open and out jumps RR Hood and her grandmother. They stay dead. Another version, in the same book has RR Hood running away and hiding from the wolf until the woodsman came. And here you are, having the queen complete as background in your pic: poor Diana.

    1. Yes, the Grimm tales are grim. Of course, death was an intimate acquaintance of children in the time that they were writing. Maybe tales like this were not so troubling? Or even served to create a mythic background for the psyche?
      Or maybe adults had some macabre humour to put the fear into children. I have an old book called something like, ‘troublesome tales for children’. It is truly awful. The Scissor Man who comes to naughty children for e.g..
      As for Diana, no it wasn’t Diana. She died in a car crash before she got to be queen. It was Liz. (joke)

      1. The well known fairy tales are awful enough thanks! Don’t think I’d go look for worse ones. As a grown up having enough trouble sleeping as it is! Who was Liz?

        1. I’m really not big on any monarchy as such, but Liz and her spawn is quite in one’s face and hard to ignore. That they could make such a lie of a life of a woman to suit the promotion of their lifestyle was just too much. I’m planning an artwork of Charles – ”what boy? can’t say no to your mommy? can’t marry who you like?” Whegh.

  2. Hello there, this is delightful! One of my blogs is a collaborative project on self portraits:
    I wonder if you would give me permission to include this there?
    Credit given and a link back to your blog. 🙂

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