simply trust (nod to Issa)

simply trust:
does not the earth rise
to meet your feet?

apparently it does! according to some science paradigm. can’t remember which, but you can take my word for it!

simply trust:
the open hearts
of strangers

Trust is an odd one isn’t it? My husband thinks I am very gullible because it expect most people to be basically good. Of course I also realise that they are also animals, and as animals they react to threats to their property, standing, family, and food.

And I can’t help trusting providence also, although our current government is putting doubts in my head, taking as they are from our least fortunate, raising a generation of youngsters who will live in hardship and therefore expect to live in hardship, porely educated and unhealthy.

simply trust
the lies of politicians


simply trust
the moon at its closest

5 thoughts on “simply trust (nod to Issa)

  1. A good post. I worry about this government too. Surely as more of their injustices come to light people will react against them. Maybe its not about trusting the government as it is trusting our own abilities to see and speak out about injustice.

      1. Expressing thoughts of the injustices in whatever way suits the individual I think. I d9n’ t go to rallies but I blog about stuff and put stuff on Facebook. I think it all helps raise awareness.

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