11 thoughts on “you never know

    1. 🙂 this idea came from my granddaughter, who made it as a joke when she was two, ‘Hippopotamus on a bicycle! ha ha ha!’ along with things like, ‘Man jumped over a house’ (again with that affected laugh that they do when they are trying out humour at that age). Since making this image I’ve found many images of enormous animals on bicycles.

      1. I relate to this comic because my weight is not low enough for the “standards” of the medical community.

        I’ve had more than one doctor suggest I take any number of pills for conditions I don’t have simply because I weigh more than they think I should. And those pills are toxic and can cause medical conditions. So what would be the point?

        Like your biking hippo, I’m strong, vigorous and healthy. I walk up to three miles a day on my errands and carry heavy things home. I spin my hula hoop for fun.

        Occasionally I imagine I’d like to be of the slender species or bird popularized by the media. But I never have been and never will be. I’m happy to be sturdy.

        Thanks for this comic.

  1. My GP says the medical profession forgets some people are overweight *and* healthy (BMI certainly doesn’t make any allowance). He doesn’t nag me about my weight so long as he knows I’m exercising. I love Alice’s description of “sturdy”. My mum always said “it’s good to have a bit to come and go on”.

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