connections to the humble Sparrow

Screen Shot 2015-09-19 at 7.20.05 pmPlease consider making a pledge to this Pozible campaign so that our dear boy Miklós can finish this documentary. Not only will it use my poems and tell one refugee’s stories, but it will be beautiful, as you can see, if you watch the trailer.
By the by, the dear boy had brain surgery yesterday! He had some seizures, and they found a something next to his brain, removed it, and now we wait to see what it is, and if there needs to be further action. They did get it all though, no brain tissue was damaged, and he is recovering well.

Belinda Broughton: Sparrow, Poems of a Refugee
Belinda Broughton: Sparrow, Poems of a Refugee

You can get the book at:
Ginninderra Press
FishPond (Free shipping in Oz)
Book Depository (Free shipping outside OZ)
Also available as an e-book, from most digital booksellers. But poetry on ebooks is awful. All the carefully positioned white punctuation is destroyed. Just saying!

The Initiation: photograph by Ervin Janek

Also, check out my protagonist’s artwork from the Night Thoughts, his exhibition of autobiographical art. He made the little bird on my cover.

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