13 thoughts on “misplaced

  1. Wonderful! This actually happened to my sister in a shop! We turned from the pram to have a look at something (clothes I think) and when we turned the baby was gone, just the empty pram. Some well-meaning mother of some other baby tried to teach us a lesson. Still cross (scared) actually, at the memory.

    1. I left my baby in her pram outside the local shop for a few minutes when she was new born and not yet part of my psyche as a separate being. Very small country town, but still! That’s terrible though, imagine frightening one like that. makes you wonder.

      1. At the time I thought it a cheek of the woman – we were in a big city. Your pic is hilarious though. A friend and her newborn daughter came to tea with me, the baby asleep on her lap. As she got up to do whatever, the baby nearly fell! Forgot all about it. There must be hundreds of stories like this.

        1. Glad you mentioned the wolves. They have such a bad reputation when in fact they’re very family oriented, mate for life, protect and teach their cubs and are generally good animals. I knew a dog which was half wolf and we took to each other big time. He even protected me from his owner the one day. I never had children myself. Heaven knows where I would’ve left the brat lying around screaming for a different mother! 🙂

    1. I lived in a country town when my baby was born. I once got half way home (a blot 5 minutes) before I realised I’d left her outside the shop! It takes a while for it to become second nature.

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